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Skilled Migration 
Visas through skilled migration are one of the best pathways to live and work in Australia. You may be eligible to apply for a visa under the Australian Skilled Migration Program if you meet the following criteria:
 Student Visas 

Studying in Australia provides you a world-class education leading you to infinite opportunities for your future. 16 Australian universities have been ranked in the 100 Under 50 Rankings 2015 Higher Education (THE) World by the Times University Ranking. It is not surprising why Australia ranks third next to United Kingdom and the United States as having the highest number of international students.


There are different types of student visas to apply for depending on the type of studies you wish to undertake. To be able to study in Australia, below is a list of requirements you have to meet:

  • English language requirements

  • Academic requirements

  • Visa requirements

  • Overseas Student Health Cover

Work Permit

Below is a list of Australian work permit visas most commonly used. Each type has different requirements so contact us to discuss your options.

  • Skilled Independent Visa

  • Skilled Nominated Visa

  • Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

  • 457 (Temporary Business) Visa

  • Employer Nomination Scheme

  • Working Holiday Visa

 Family Sponsorship


There are various visa types under this category. Please contact us to know more about sponsoring:

  • spouse/defacto
  • interdependent partner
  • fiancée
  • child
  • parent
  • aged dependent relative
  • carer relative
  • orphan relative
  • remaining relative


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